Building new rods

The building of new rods by custom rod builders like me becomes rare, especially in Belgium.

Why should one build rods?

A very good question, yes, because why should a rod builder risk all possible problems and misery, while rod shelves of the retailers are full with rods from 20 €.
This is obviously due to the large range and the mass production of cheap rods that come from Korea, China, etc …
These rods are ready to use, they look nice, you can go fishing right away, they even got warranty, you can take a rod in hand and feels immediately if the rod fits you

So: why building rods?
Well, if I build new rods, it is for fisher man who knows what quality is and most of all, they want unique rods.
Also because you want a rod in your hands who’s build for yourself, that exactly fits your needs.
Almost anything is possible

  • A rod with a specially shaped handle.
  • A rod with other guides than the usual
  • A rod with special or other guide spacing.

By self building, one produces a rod that’s unique.

Benefits of custom rod building:

Of course there are more advantages to custom rod building.
Handmade rods are cheaper than the better class rods, that’s obvious, but most important one has got more confidence in a handmade rod.

Falcon Carp Rods Custom Build

Build on a carbon blank. See here
These rods have a parabolic action.
The rods were tested by myself and a few other fishermen with very satisfied results.
The rear part of the rod has still body enough to give that extra power if necessary.
Casting is also no problem.

Casting power of these rods

The ideal casting weight for the 2.50 Lbs rod is approx. 70 gram.
The ideal casting weight for the 2.750 Lbs rod is approx. 80 gram
The ideal casting weight for the 3 Lbs rod is approx approx. 90 gram

The rods can be finished with cork, foam or shrink tubing.

The choice of the guides type and sizes is also free to select as well as the colour of wrapping thread.
Interested in these rods? Feel free to ask questions about the finish for these rods.
See below some pictures of different types of finishes.
Of course, every desired finish is possible.

Length: 10ft. 2,75 Lbs – 3 Lbs.
Length: 11ft. 2,75 Lbs – 3 Lbs.
Length: 12ft. 2,50 Lbs – 2,75 Lbs en 3 Lbs.
Length: 13ft. 3,75 Lbs.


Foam handle with an elegant Falcon Rod Design butt cap. Available in matt silver, matt gunsmoke and matt black finish.
It is also possible to make a full lenght foam or cork handle on request or a combination of these different materials.
Also a shrink tube in matt ‘skinny’ finish or with X pattern can be placed.

Falcon reel seat (silver hoodies) with silver winding checks on both sides
Falcon reel seat (silver hoodies) with silver winding checks on both sides
 Falcon reel seat (black hoodies) with black winding checks on both sides
Falcon reel seat (black hoodies) with black winding checks on both sides

Metal winding thread. The top section of the joint gets always provided with a stainless steel ring

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