Transport of rods

How does your rod come to me?

Since I live in Kuurne near by Kortrijk in Belgium it is not always obvious to bring your rod(s) to me, nowadays with the high fuel prices or distance.
Short rods up to 1.50 m can be sent by Bpost in Belgium
But Bpost doesn’t take tubes (PVC pipe) longer than 1.50 m, Therefore I’ve looked for a transporter that nevertheless carries longer lengths and this is GLS.
Maximum length is 2m + max. 10%
You can send a tube of 2 m length for only € 14.40. (Belgian rate)
See the GLS website for the correct rates via their Parcel Shops in your area.
If you have a fishing rod ready for shipment You can bring it into a GLS Parcel shop
All you have to do is make sure that the rod(s) is/are good protected packed in a solid PVC tube.
If necessary, make sure that they are in a sleeve and that the tube is not too wide. Fill the empty spaces with, bubble wrap or newspaper clogs.
Seal the tube well with a sturdy lid (a piece of cardboard) and strong adhesive tape (duck tape).
Sending and returning cost is of course at the expense of the owner.
Anyway, it is still much cheaper than driving a few hundred kilometres/miles back and forth
Inform in advance with the transporter about the conditions, rules and prices if you want to send to Belgium