The bionic finger

The bionic finger (Breakaway cannon)

The bionic finger is a very handy and comfortable tool when casting heavy weights such as spoding or spombs as well for beach anglers. In fact for everyone who cast a lot with heavy weights.
It takes and hold the line very tight for you instead of your index finger.
Originally it comes from beach rods, but it also appears to be very handy on the spod rod or other distance rods.
He prevents a lot of pain on your (index) finger if you have to throw much after each other. Because it takes over the pressure and tension that would otherwise end up on your finger.
After many casts the glove “the well known finger protection” also no longer helps.
With the bionic finger, no more pain!

How does work the bionic finger

  • Take the (braided) main line or leader near the reel spool and bring it between the core and bracket.
  • Now close the bracket with the trigger, so that the line becomes stuck.
  • Take position fore casting and release the trigger at the same time as if you would release your finger.
  • The line is immediately free and the casting is in action
  • See the photos for clarification

After some practice, one is quickly used to it and it saves you from (a lot of) pain on your fingertip

Bionische vinger in open toestand
Bionic finger in open position
Bionische vinger in gesloten toestand
The bionic finger in closed position
Bionische vinger op Spod hengel gemonteerd
Here the bionic finger is placed on a spod rod
Lijn zit vast geklemd
The line is stuck,
Klaar om te gooien.
Ready to cast out

Once the bionic finger is used, one can no longer cast without it.
It can be put on the rod with adhesive tape or with a winding.
The bionic finger is available separately and costs € 15.00. With mounting on the rod it costs € 25.00